Roofing Anatomy Regulations

Roof diagram parts

This roof anatomy diagram will help you identify different parts of your own roof so you can be familiar with specific roof areas when speaking with your roofer.


  1. 1 Chimney Stack
  2. 2 Chimney Flashing
  3. 3 Roof underlay Felt
  4. 4 valley with lead copper or tin flashing
  5. 5 Guttering
  6. 6 Down pipe
  7. 7 Common Rafters & Jack rafters
  8. 8 Fascia, Upvc or timber
  9. 9 Soffit overhang Upvc, Plywood or sheeting
  10. 10 Gable end with louvre vent in wall
  11. 11 Ridge tiles on hip
  12. 12 Roof tiles or slates



What is roof flashing?

Flashing on roofs is used at roof junctions were tiles are cut around chimney stacks, Pipes or valleys, it forms a seal between bricks and roof tiles or slates.

What is flashing made form?

Flashing Materials commonly used are of Lead, Copper, Tin, Bitumen felt or Plastic.